Phoenix MBA degree program

The University of Phoenix is among the first accredited universities providing college degree programs through the Internet since 1989. Phoenix MBA degree program now has over 130,000 students, faculty, and alumni who have entered to the university’s global network. This MBA programs are taught to its over 70 locations across the U.S. and are scheduled at times based on the convenient time of the students. This degree can also be enrolled online to better serve students who are not able to attend classes on the classroom basis due to their job or family commitments.

Phoenix MBA program is specifically designed to be intense, robust, and efficient to enable students to incorporate information vital to their successful not just in their careers, but so with their life as a whole. It is offered in a one-class-at-a-time format and six-week class format. Admission to the coursework requires a student to have at least 36 credits and allow them to select a concentration for an additional 15 credits to better understand specific area that interest them.

The core of Phoenix MBA coursework includes courses in human capital management, accounting, business law, management, corporate finance, operations management, business consulting, organizational leadership, strategic planning and implementation, quantitative reasoning, applied business research and statistics, and business law.

MBA Concentrations

  • Students completing an MBA course in Accounting will establish managerial skills with understanding of the concepts and applications in accounting. MBA in Accounting will prepare students to be competent in using appropriate analytical business tools and technologies. This will also make students sensitive to ethical, legal, and social values in practices and decisions associated to accounting.
  • Energy Management concentration will develop students’ managerial skills in the context of energy sector challenges. Students in this concentration will have a better understanding on the knowledge and conceptual framework in the energy portfolio. The students will also be able to assess the business case for renewable and non-renewable sources.
  • MBA course with concentration in Global Management will help students attain managerial skills primarily on cross-border business opportunities. This MBA will train students to have an understanding on the challenges of international political, economic, socio-cultural, and legal differences in business.
  • Health Care Management concentration students in this degree will be trained to gain managerial skills in dealing challenges encountered in the medical care industry.
  • Students in the Human Resource Management concentration will be expected to have managerial skills in the concepts and applications of human resource management. After completing this course, students will gain knowledge of the valuable topics required by the Society of Human Resource professionals.
  • The MBA course with concentration in Marketing will allow students to develop managerial skills in marketing ideas and applications. This course will enable students to build and communicate innovative marketing approaches to stakeholders. Its will also prepare students to land in well positioned jobs in the business market.

Moreover, the comprehensive web-based Phoenix MBA course delivers exceptional flexibility and convenience to its students. All the aforementioned coursework are specifically designed for the purpose of immediate application in the work environment of business world.