1 Year MBA – An Introduction to Top MBA Schools

Personal and professional advancement can be obtained even in a short time with the right MBA from one of the Top MBA Schools.

1 Year MBAIn this modern world with highly competitive job markets, the number of business degree programs continue to boost especially 1 Year MBA courses which enable students to reenter the workforce in 1 year (hence the name One Year MBA). Many Top MBA schools currently provide both 1 year MBA and 2 year MBAs to produce a number of business professionals to fill in various vacancies. While both programs are full time, there is a great need for students to evaluate each as the two differ in so many ways. Generally, a shorter 1 Year MBA program strictly requires high quality academic training and very relevant work experience. In this regard, it is best to be aware of all the factors that make a shorter full-time 1 Year program more advantageous than the longer one before finalizing a decision.

When is it a good idea to do a one year MBA

1 year MBAs are more wide spread in the UK, than in any other country.
If you already have a MSc or an under graduate degree in a similar subject area
or if you can’t escape from family commitments for a full 2 years.

  1. If you are Already Employed

    1. If you fear redundancy: Survive or even escape workplace redundancies.
    2. If you lack time to do a standard 2 year full time MBA or a part time MBA which would take up to 4 years.
    3. If you can’t afford to stop working for 2 years to do study.
    4. If you can’t afford the fees for a 2 year MBA (you might even be able to get your workplace to sponsor your studies for one year, as it’s not so disruptive as the two year degree).
    5. If you are looking for promotion or to get ahead in your career or business, or if you have been passed over for promotion.
    6. If you are looking for a career change or looking for better terms with a better workplace.
  2. If you are Unemployed

    1. If you have been made redundant then get back to work.
    2. And want to enter the Job market with a highly recognized qualification and a strong professional network which you can nurture during your postgraduate study.
    3. If you have never worked, still you might qualify for a one year MBA, as the work experience requirements are not as strict.
    4. 1 year MBAs are Cheaper and Quicker way to start and buildup your career.

1 Year MBA is NOT suitable for ALL People

one year mbaTypically, the duration of a shorter 1 Year MBA program is between eleven to sixteen months. While the duration is shorter than usual, the chances of saving a significant amount of time are great. However, a 1 year MBA is not advisable for people who intend to work on a full-time basis as bschool will be the sole priority during this short period of time. This is especially true with Top MBA Schools which implement rigorous academic standards. On the other hand, it is a great fit for those who desire to pursue specialized education to advance their current career. Most one year MBA degrees, which work for a shorter period of time, offer programs that have condensed core requirements that allow course modification through concentrations and electives. In addition, the shorter type of 1 year MBA degree from Top MBA Schools offers exciting features that provide students with business, logical, management, leadership, and administrative skills essential for them to acquire top managerial positions after they graduate.

Passion for a 1 Year MBA

As far as the prerequisites are concerned, Passion is not a must, for a masters in business administration, but if you are a budding Warren Buffett, George Soros or even a James Khan it helps!

Increasing Popularity of one Year MBAs

One year MBAs are beginning to gain more popularity, so some business schools like Kellogg, give preference to shorter one-year programs. This in the future will be reflected in the work place as well.

Opportunity Cost of a 1 Year MBA

Top MBA schoolsOne of the pertinent issues associated with a shorter 1 Year MBA degree program is the opportunity cost. Opportunity cost refers to the income that could be earned if a student is working instead of studying. Students of this kind of program spend their time mainly for studying rather than gaining practical work experience and earning salary. This might be a serious concern, but many students nowadays still prefer to further their education in order for them to advance their career more. Since many students believe that time spent on a 1 Year MBA can bring multiple rewards in the future, especially with a 1 year MBA ranking highly in the league tables and offered by an Ivy league business school.

So What are the Top MBA Schools

Many accredited business schools keep on providing this kind of programs. These institutions all provide interestingly flexible programs, but you have to ensure that you are getting into the university or college that fits your budget and other academic needs. Pick a program that gives you the perfect chance to narrow in on your personal and professional interests through painstaking assignments and projects. Again be very mindful about selecting an MBA from one of the top MBA schools as the academic expectations will be more stringent. Select a 1 Year MBA that provides a good breed of established business people through alumni network as this can help you become equally successful in your chosen field. Keep in mind that these people can purvey you with useful business tips and suggestions, so take full advantage of the amazing opportunity.

When selecting a one year MBA, think about the following:

  1. Go beyond the simple MBA league tables, to consider the other more specific points.
  2. Always contact the business schools that you have short listed to speak to some of the past students who have been successful and at least one student who didn’t make it!, so that you get a good idea about what you are getting into and what you will end up being after graduation .
  3. Why do you Want to do a one Year MBA ? what do you plan to gain ?
  4. Location where do you want to study, work, and Live?  Paris, London, New York, India, Thailand.
  5. Industry you want to work in? this is a great opportunity to build a network of contacts in the specific industry, as we’ve seen countless times, your class mates who are top players in the industry are the first and the best port of call when you are looking for employment.

Now that you have Found an MBA from one of the Top MBA schools what to do next

After determining the right business school for your one year MBA, identifying how the university admission works is the next best thing to prioritize. During this stage, explore the Internet as several websites are up and running to supply necessary information about the degrees and programs available from Top MBA Schools. By being a diligent researcher, you will be able to land on the best 1 year MBA and prepare for more comprehensive researches before classes start. Other types of MBAs are beyond the scope of this articles, more information can be found at other types of MBAs